A little history about my last name…


I was born Lea Wise-Surguy. My Mother’s original last name being Wise, and my Father’s Surguy. They decided to combine their last names for my own although neither of them carried the hyphenated last name themselves.

With no siblings, this turn of events led me to have a last name no other person had. This uniqueness inspired me to think throughout my childhood about what it meant to have a particular last name.  The family signification, the sense of ownership, the practicality of label, and the influence of identity all come with a last name.

In 2011 I began dating my future husband, then Patrick DeSimio. Early into our relationship I gave my idea of creating a new last name together. One that would allow us to choose our identity together, to establish a shared ownership, and one that would allow a sense of unity between us. Talking together we decided the concepts we wanted to embody our new last names, and Pat, being talented with words, came up with the name Sophiliazo. ‘Sophia’ for wisdom. ‘Philia’ for love. And ‘zoe’ for life. All from Greek roots.

On June 21st, 2014 we married. We became Lea WiseSurguy-Sophiliazo, and Patrick DeSimio-Sophiliazo.

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